Triton ELL is a premium quality, synthetic, semifluid, extremepressure

(EP) lithium complex grease specially developed for the

lubrication of wheel bearings on non-driven truck trailer axles

equipped with oil seals. It is formulated to help optimize service

intervals and reduce operating costs by providing effective

lubrication and cooling of wheel bearings exposed to the

prolonged high operating temperatures of over-the-road

applications. It also is recommended for use in industrial

gearboxes operating at high temperatures where oil leakage is a

problem and conventional semifluid greases do not provide

adequate service life.

Triton ELL is manufactured with a high-viscosity synthetic

polyalphaolefin (PAO) base oil and a lithium complex soap

thickener. It is fortified with extreme-pressure and antiwear

additives plus rust and oxidation inhibitors to provide excellent

wear protection, corrosion resistance and long service life. It has

outstanding thermal stability at high temperatures and outstanding

pumpability at low temperatures for use over a wide range of

operating temperatures.

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