Syndustrial Turbine Oil is a premium quality synthetic lubricant developed for the severe service requirements of aero-derivative stationary and marine gas turbines.

Syndustrial Turbine Oil is available in one intermediate viscosity grade: ISO 22/32. It is formulated with synthetic polyol ester (POE) base oils and select ashless additives to provide outstanding performance and protection in gas turbines. It has outstanding oxidation resistance and thermal stability at high temperatures to help minimize deposit formation and provide long service life. It has high load-carrying capacity and excellent affinity to metal surfaces to protect against wear. It has natural detergency for improved cleanliness, and protects against rust and corrosion. It also has excellent low-temperature properties for use over a wide temperature range.

Note: Syndustrial Turbine Oil can be used as top-off for existing competitive polyolester turbine oils of the same quality.
Unit of Measure


ISO Grade

N/A 22/32

Density @ 15.6 ºC (60 ºF)

N/A 0.994 g/cm³8.28 lbs/gal
Color1 N/A 3.5

Flash Point (COC)

N/A 266 ºC511 ºF

Pour Point

N/A -60 ºC-76 ºF

Viscosity @ 40ºC

N/A 25.5 cSt

Viscosity @ 100ºC

N/A 5.1 cSt

Viscosity @ 100ºF

N/A 132 SUS

Viscosity @ 210ºF

N/A 43 SUS

Viscosity Index

N/A 131
Acid Number2 N/A 0.18 mg KOH/g
Copper Corrosion3 N/A 1a
Foam Test Sequence I4 N/A 5-0 mL
Foam Test Sequence II5 N/A 5-0 mL
Foam Test Sequence III6 N/A 10-0 mL
Max. Particle Contamination7 N/A 6
Rust Test8 N/A Pass



  • Aero-derivative gas turbines.
Syndustrial Turbine Oil meets the performance requirements of:
  • Allison 501-k, 571-k
  • General Electric GEK 97310, LM Series 500 to 6000
  • Rolls-Royce RB211, Avon, Olympus, Spey and Tyne turbines
  • Solar ES9-224 Rev. U, Type III Class CI Synthetic Turbine Oil
  • U.S. Military MIL-PRF-23699F



  • Outstanding oxidation resistance and thermal stability at high temperatures
  • Excellent low-temperature fluidity
  • High load-carrying capacity
  • Protects against rust and corrosion
  • Natural detergency
  • High flash point for reduced fire/explosion hazard
  • Extended service intervals compared to conventional mineral oil-based lubricants

Health and Safety Information

N/A For recommendations on safe handling and use of this product, please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet via

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N/A 55G RD

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  • 1 ASTM D-1500
  • 2 SAE ARP-5088
  • 3 ASTM D-130
  • 4 ASTM D-892
  • 5 ASTM D-892
  • 6 ASTM D-892
  • 7 NAS-1639
  • 8 ASTM D-665 A&B