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    Castrol 2T® is a mineral based 2-stroke small engine oil designed for use in 2-stroke motorcycles, ATV’s, scooters and lawn equipment.

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    Castrol 4T with Trizone Technology is a 4-stroke motorcycle oil specially formulated to provide outstanding, durable protection under severe high torque, high stress conditions. Under these Conditions, motorcycle engines operate at extremely high temperatures causing viscosity and thermal breakdown of motor oil. Castrol 4T provides maximum protection against viscosity and thermal breakdown.

  • Actevo_X-TRA_4T_logo

    Castrol Actevo X-tra with Trizone Technology is a part-synthetic motorcycle oil specially formulated with heat Protection Molecules to protect your bike's engine against high temperature deposits and water. These Advanced molecules combat and minimize the formation of harmful high temperature combustion deposits which start to occur when your bike is working hard - on the open road or in dense city traffic.

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    Castrol ActEvo X-Tra Offroad 4T Motor Oil with Trizone Technology is a premium quality part-synthetic 4-stroke engine oil. Its specially formulated Heat Protection Molecules work to protect your bike’s engine against the build up of harmful high temperature deposits even when you work your bike hard. Evaluated in highly stressed, high temperature motocross and ATV engines, Castrol Act>Evo X-Tra Offroad provides exceptional engine deposit control, keeping pistons and oil ways clean during the hardships of extreme off road riding.

  • Power_RS_Racing_4T_logo

    Castrol Power RS™ Racing 4T with Trizone Technology is a premium quality, full synthetic 4-stroke motorcycle oil designed to ensure maximum power and performance, even under the most demanding riding conditions. Its anti-friction formulation is proven to increase acceleration compared to conventional motorcycle oils.

  • Power RS V-TWIN 4T logo

    Castrol PowerRS V-Twin 4T Motor Oil is an advanced premium quality synthetic blend 4-stroke engine oil designed for modern V-Twin engines. Its Power Protection Formula is specially designed to protect your V-Twin’s engine from the build up of (heat derived) power robbing deposits, enabling you to get the best performance from your bike.