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    Allison TES-389 Approved (AA-32252007)
    Allison C-4 Approved (C4-32262007)

    Castrol Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose ATF is a multipurpose power transmission fluid that is designed for most power transmission and hydraulic systems to include passenger car and truck automatic transmission, powershift transmissions in off-highway construction equipment, hydrostatic drives and industrial, agricultural, mining and marine hydraulics.

    Castrol Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose ATF meets the Alison TES-389 AA-32252007 specification under license agreement.

    Castrol Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose ATF has excellent anti-wear, corrosion resistance, friction retention and oxidation and thermal stability. In addition, it is inhibited against foaming, and the high viscosity index helps assure sufficient body for proper lubrication in severe hot weather service, without excessive thickening low temperatures.

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    BP Autran Syn 295 is a fully synthetic universal shift and automatic transmission fluid designed to increase efficiency

    through extended drain intervals. BP Autran Syn 295 is formulated to maintain its stability even under the most severe

    operating conditions.

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    Synthetic Lubricant
    Castrol Syngear CD-50 is a fully synthetic lubricant for use in manual transmissions engaged in severe service environments and where extended drains are desired. It is a non-EP, straight weight lubricant.

    Castrol Syngear CD-50 is formulated with a high viscosity index synthetic base stock, which ensures both low and high temperature performance.

    Premium Additive Package
    The anti-wear additives in Castrol Syngear CD-50 prevent wear during extreme service and weather conditions. Rust, corrosion and oxidation inhibitors protect bearings and synchronizers from wear, as well as, prevent wear on other transmission components. Castrol Syngear CD-50 users can expect long transmission and lubricant life as a result of using this fluid.

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    Castrol Trans-C HT is a full synthetic transmission/hydraulic fluid that balances high-temperature wear protection for gears and bearings with low temperature flow properties for positive shifting in transmissions. Its full synthetic formulation allows for extended drain intervals with regular used oil analysis. It is a multi-functional fluid that can be used in hydraulic and transmissions, which helps business owners consolidate inventory and simplify maintenance practices.

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    Castrol Trans-C is formulated to meet the strict frictional requirements of a Caterpillar TO-4 fluid. Castrol Trans-C is tested for friction control using seven different frictional materials, both metallic and nonmetallic. Castrol Trans-C's proven friction control results in powershift transmission performance with less clutch slippage and clutch setting adjustments, elimination of brake noise and paper and elastomer materials that do not weaken or turn brittle. This means longer, trouble-free transmission life for your customers.

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    Castrol UTF, Universal Tractor Fluid, is a premium hydraulic/ transmission fluid that exceeds the refill and service top-up needs of farm and industrial tractor transmission, differentials and immersed disc brakes. Castrol UTF is compounded with anti-wear, extreme pressure, anti-oxidant and friction control additives and foam and corrosion inhibitors. Castrol UTF couples this unique additive package with highly refined base oils and a shear stable viscosity index improver for a balanced package.

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    Castrol Import Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid

    is specially designed from a technologically advanced multi-vehicle
    that does not have the limitations of a traditional DEXRON®-III/MERCON® multi-vehicle formulation. Castrol Import Multi-
    Vehicle ATF exceeds the requirements of the JASO-1A performance standard created by Japanese Automobile Manufacturers.
    This standard is recognized by Japanese OEM's in certifying ATF for use in their vehicles. Consequently, Import Multi-Vehicle ATF has
    Castrol’s first ATF performance claim:

    Superior Performance for Maximum Transmission Life

    Furthermore, while Castrol Import Multi-Vehicle ATF is designed to meet the demanding requirements of many foreign transmissions, it
    also meets the requirements of many domestic vehicles as well
    . This includes many DaimlerChrysler, General Motors, and Ford
    vehicles. Castrol Import Multi-Vehicle ATF is fully licensed and approved under Ford MERCON® V (M5070201).

    Some of the benefits of this advanced formulation are:
    • Enhanced friction durability for smooth transmission performance.
    • Exceptional high temperature protection to effectively resist fluid oxidation.
    • Superb low temperature fluidity for cold weather shifting.

  • Castrol Transmax FS MV ATF

    Castrol Transmax Full Synthetic Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid is a technologically advanced, low viscosity

    formulation specially designed to deliver performance and maximum fuel efficiency for modern automatic transmissions.

    It is blended with premium base stocks, a balanced additive package and is fully approved by both Ford and GM for use in

    vehicles requiring their latest ATF specifications. In addition to approval from the two major US auto manufacturers,

    Transmax Full Synthetic Mutli-Vehicle ATF exceeds the requirements of the JASO-1A performance standard created by

    Japanese automobile manufacturers. This standard is recognized by Japanese OEM’s in certifying ATF for use in their