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    Castrol Aerial Lift Fluid is a specially formulated multi-viscosity high performance hydraulic fluid. It is designed to provide superior performance in mobile lift applications where ambient temperatures vary widely and system operation, reliability and protection are mandatory.

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    Castrol Blue Hydraulic Plus meets the most severe Industry requirements including the new "hybrid" test from Denison (T6H2OC) which incorporates both vane and piston pumps under wet and dry conditions over 600 hours. Formulated with up to 50% more performance additive than some competitors, Castrol Blue Hydraulic Plus gives a larger margin of safety in key areas of corrosion, oxidation and wear protection.

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    Castrol Carelube HTG is formulated from natural vegetable oils to be more environmentally acceptable than traditional mineral-based hydraulic fluids. Since hydraulic systems are prone to leakage due to high pressures, Castrol Carelube HTG is an excellent hydraulic fluid in applications where leakage could cause water or soil contamination.

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    The shear stable polymers in Castrol Dual Range HV keep the fluid's viscosity consistent over a wide range of temperatures. High operating temperatures, which may breakdown other hydraulic oils leading to damage to metal parts and increased oxidation are easily managed by Castrol Dual Range HV.

    Also contributing to Castrol Dual Range HV's excellent viscosity performance is its extra high viscosity index. The high viscosity index of Castrol Dual Range HV (at least 140) indicates that as the temperature dramatically rises or falls, Castrol Dual Range HV will not excessively thin or thicken. This protects your customer's equipment from premature wear or oil breakdown and leads to decreased maintenance costs.

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    Castrol Paradene AW is a premium industrial antiwear hydraulic oil line for hydraulically activated equipment that utilizes high-performance pumps. They contain very effective anti-wear additives that allow them to meet or exceed industry vane, gear, and piston pump manufacturers' specifications. These fluids are highly dependable, peak efficiency oils, which meet the lubricant demands of precision industrial equipment.

    Castrol Paradene AW will remain very stable and clean in today's machine tool equipment where increasingly sophisticated control systems are used.

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    Castrol Paradene R & O oils are specially formulated premium products containing additives that are carefully chosen to insure outstanding long-term performance. Castrol Paradene R & O oils are available in a wide range of viscosities that are tailored to meet industrial requirements, rotary air compressors, non anti-wear hydraulic and circulating systems, as well as non-EP gear oil applications.

    Castrol Paradene R & O oils are particularly suited to meet today's stringent industrial requirements through a combination of a high viscosity index base oil, foam, rust and corrosion inhibitors and a special oxidation inhibitor.