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Parent Petroleum, Inc. specializes in the service and sales of petroleum products to local municipalities, retail stations, commercial and industrial customers throughout Illinois and the Tri-State area including select international locations. Headquartered in St. Charles, Illinois, our goal is to provide innovative and cost effective solutions for our customers. Our organization is comprised of two major departs; the Lubricant Division is BP Castrol's leading distributor, we take pride in being the premier lubricant specialist by offering more service and products to our valued customers. We have over 150 years of lubricant knowledge and are well versed in fleet, commercial and industrial lubricants. STLE certified lubrication specialists are also available to provide technical support ranging from product recommendations to lubrication consulting service.

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Castrol Elixion Synthetic Diesel Engine Oils

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Castrol Elixion, a revolutionary SAE 5W-30 synthetic engine oil, is formulated with a polyalphaolephin (PAO) engineered base fluid that is free from wax, metals and sulfur.

PAO base fluids are known for their extremely low pour points and high viscosity indexes of 140 or better. A high viscosity index gives the finished lubricant optimum viscosity over a range of temperatures, as well as wear protection during extreme high and low temperatures.

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185447 Elixion 5W-30 260 Gallon Tote QUOTE
18549 Elixion 5W-30 55G Drum QUOTE
3514 Elixion 5W-30 3/1 Gallon QUOTE
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