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    Dominion-3 HD Premix Ext Life Antifreeze/Coolant incorporates cutting-edge inhibitor technology to provide a reasonably priced long life antifreeze. Dominion-3 HD Premix Ext Life contains a hybrid organic acid technology (HOAT) additive/inhibitor package formulated with a proprietary stabilization system to improve the durability of its carboxylate additive and extend its range of compatibility with both conventional inorganic salts and OAT-type antifreezes, providing a normal highway service life of up to 600,000 miles hours with one pre-charge. However the charge level should be checked(with test strip) every 150,000 miles or 1500 hours, especially in severe service applications and where de-ionized water is not used. Dominion-3 HD Premix Ext Life contains no phosphates, borates, nitrates, or silicates. The extended life additive package possesses multiple complex carboxylic acid derivatives along with nitrite to protect all six standard metal alloys (brass, copper, steel, solder, cast iron and aluminum). These low-foaming carboxylates and other proprietary ingredients not only provide broad-range metal protection but also guard the cooling system against corrosion and cavitation erosion. In addition it contains additives to minimize hot surface scaling while also preventing heat transfer surface fouling due to minor oil leakage.  Can be made with Ethylene Glycol base or environmentally favorable Propylene Glycol.  Meets or exceeds the following specifications. Contains Bitterant.